About artist

Here you can view a selection of Regina’s exciting art works, powerful portraits which are influenced by the style of classical paintings, yet born of emotion and spontaneously created. Inspired by a moment, emotion or time in her life, her work is highly skilled yet exhibits a freedom and fluidity which inspires and delights art lovers and is quickly attracting loyal collectors and fans.

As you can see from her mysterious and magical studies of the female form, Regina is fascinated by the interplay between dark and light and is inspired by classical portrait painting and the beauty of women. Her aim is to bring out the inner light which lies buried in all of us, celebrate the female form and suffuse the canvas with a mysterious beauty.

She paints using oils on canvas using accents of light, for an ethereal, soft finish which imbues her subjects with mystery. Whilst she does not hide physical flaws, she celebrates the beauty and power of real women from around the world.

Regina is totally self-taught and her youth and creativity are not bound by formal training, therefore she is free to spontaneously express herself through her paintings. Rather than work with models and be constrained by their forms, she works from her imagination, drawing on her experiences and emotions.

She is entering a new and exciting phase of her professional career to widely exhibit her work, share these stunning pieces throughout Europe. Regina welcomes interest from galleries, businesses and private collectors who love art for art’s sake and are inspired by her style, energy and emotion.